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March President comments

“the Prez sez:”

With the exception of one clear skies weekend, the recent cold weather, low ceilings and snow, aerobatic flying conditions have not been ideal in February.  Unfortunately most us were trapped outside our aircraft.  That means that administration has been getting more attention than what it deserves.  Now, there is a good reason to hope for better weather!

At our meeting in March we will discuss the following:

1.       The Judges school next weekend;

2.       Membership in Aerobatics Canada;

3.       Creating some type of association with the Abbotsford Flying Club;

4.       Distribution of our raffle tickets to our membership for sale to the public;

5.       Border crossing procedures into the US by aircraft; and

6.       If time allows, a discussion about SPOT.

We have had recent interaction with Aerobatics Canada and they would like to see more of our club’s members joining their organization and paying the $30.00 club membership dues.   It is my recommendation that all members who are going to compete this year join Aerobatics Canada.  You may ask what does that that do for me.   Well come to the meeting and we can discuss it.

Abbotsford Flying Club is looking to strengthen the ties with our club.  There are several options that can be discussed and I encourage you to give this some thought. The attractive aspect about these discussions are that there may be an opportunity for our club members to gain access to an affordable aerobatic aircraft.  Bring your thoughts either in favor or against this initiative and we will discuss it at the meeting.  Many members expressed a concern about losing the identity of BCAC, so give this some consideration as well.

In addition we have had a request from the flying club at Nanaimo that they are interested in our club/aerobatic flying and at our last meeting we discussed flying to Nanaimo sometime in March.  Let’s get the arrangements for that fly-out going as well.

Lastly,  I want to take the opportunity to congratulate Les Mitchell on the purchase of his new “non aerobatic” Helios Courier.  At least it is a tail-dragger!

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night.


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March Meeting

Notice of Meeting

March Meeting of ACBC

Monday, March 7, 1900 hrs at the roundhouse at  Delta Air Park.

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Club Raffle

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President’s Message

President’s Message

The Aerobatic Club meeting held at Abbotsford on January 8, 2011 was well attended and 8 members had their aircraft at the meeting.   Aircraft included a Yak 55M, Christen Eagle, Chipmunk, Extra 300 L, two Super Decathlons, an Avia Akro and an Aeronca Champ 7 DC. After conclusion of the business conducted at the meeting those who flew in drew numbers and one by one they did their thing in the box.   The temperature was at zero Celsius and although great for aircraft performance, the temperature drove the spectators into the Red Baron.  All in all it was a great event, which our club should definitely repeat in the near future.

Some of the events for this coming year include the following:

  1. Northwest Council of Airshows Annual Convention February 25/26 in Richmond BC
  2. A Judges school March 12/13 at Boundary Bay’s New Terminal Building (more details to follow);
  3. Chapter 67’s 1st training camp during May 22-25 at Ephrata;
  4. Chapter 67’s 2ndt training camp during May 26-28 at Ephrata;
  5. Our club’s Apple Cup contest at Ephrata from June 23-25;
  6. July 6-10 Arlington Fly-in;
  7. The Cutbank  CANAM Contest during July 21/22 and the Rocky Mountain for August 19/20;
  8. August 12 thru 14 – Abbotsford International Airshow ;
  9. August 19 thru 20 – Rocky Mountain House Aerobatic Contest; and

10.  August 25 thru 27 – North American Team Aerobatic Championships @ Ephrata.

The BC Aerobatic Club has at our last meeting agreed to hold a fund raising event to upgrade the club’s website.   We will register this fundraising event as a Gaming Event with the Province’s Gaming and Enforcement Policy Branch.   The tickets will be $2.00 each and we hope to sell about 1500 tickets.  The first prize will be an aerobatic ride in Peter Dreyer’s Extra 300L and the second prize will an aerobatic ride in a Super Decathlon.

Lastly Ian Flannigan of Pacific Skydivers has agreed to talk to us at the February meeting about parachutes and the use thereof.

I hope that we will see you there.                 Leon

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Notice of Meeting

Notice of Meeting

February Meeting of ACBC

Guest Speaker: Ian Flannigan of Pacific Skydivers

Monday, February 7, 1900hrs. at the roundhouse at the Delta Air Park.

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President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello Everybody

As the year is drawing to a rapid close, our year end function will be held at Adrian’s at Langley Airport on December 10, 2010.   We are looking forward to seeing all of you there and I encourage you to contact me at 604-617-3942 if you have not replied yet.  We do not have any specific topic of discussion planned, but we will, in general, discuss the 2011 formal aerobatic events.

At our last meeting a new management team was appointed and I wish to welcome Christian Baxter as Treasurer, Darren Kroeker as Secretary, all of whom are also directors in addition to Neil Mitchell, our Vice President, and myself.   In addition our Past President Peter Dreyer, past Treasurer and Secretary Donn Richardson and Andrew Adams were elected as Directors.   Thank you for your commitment.

In closing, I wish to mention I am extremely honoured to be your President for the next year.  At our last meeting I heard that there is lot of excitement about increasing our membership and securing aerobatic aircraft.  Accordingly I will make it my mission this year to expand the reach of the club, increase aerobatic flying opportunities for our members and arrange interesting topics for discussion at our meetings.   This can only be done with your involvement.  Please bring new ideas, let’s explore the unknown.   “Blue Skies” Leon

“To most pilots attitude is everything but to an aerobatic pilot, attitude is just a dimension” Leon Bresler 2010.

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December meeting reminder

The regular meeting on Monday, December 6, is cancelled.

The annual Christmas gathering is Friday, December 10

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December Meeting

Christmas Get-Together

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Dinner at 7pm

Friendly Banter 6pm

Adrian’s @ the Airport,

5385 216th Street, Langley, BC

rsvp to


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December 2010

Text Box: December							            						            2010Christmas Get-Together

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Dinner at 7pm

Friendly Banter 6pm

Adrian’s @ the Airport,

5385 216th Street, Langley, BC

rsvp to

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October Meeting

Hello Everyone:

         Our October meeting is going to be a pre-elections meeting.  It will be everyone’s chance to throw their name in the hat.  Positions up for grabs include President, where after serving for the last term, Peter is set to step down and move over to promoter of local aerobatics. Also available, the Vice President position, after serving as the interim VP for Brandon since June, I will try to retain the position. And lastly, the Treasurer job will be on the agenda (A special thank you to Don for all his work in this position over the last years).  We hope to have a strong showing at the meeting and have as many people as possible to run for positions.

The meeting will be same time same place as always.  And for those of you who don’t know – Delta Airpark round house, at 7pm on the 4th of October, that’s a Monday.  There will be coffee and treats at the meeting so don’t miss out. 

          Future dates to consider are the November meeting which will be the first of the month, again at Delta, and our Christmas Party is tentatively booked for the 11th of December.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween!!

Neil Mitchell

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Apple Cup 2010

Apple Cup 2010 – 25th Anniversary Contest – Pre-registration Still Open!

We’re gearing up for one of the best Apple Cup contests ever and we hope you’ll join us. It’s just a couple of weeks away, June 17 (registration & practice), 18 and 19 (contest flights). Come to fly, to volunteer, or just to socialize with your friends and watch some of the best precision aerobatic flying this side of the Continental Divide. Check out our web site for (almost) everything you need to know; call us for the rest.

The Port of Ephrata has generously stepped up to support the contest: they’re providing a venue and live music for the welcome reception on Thursday evening and lowering fuel prices for the entire contest weekend. Kudos to Port Manager Mike Wren, an avid supporter of IAC and competition aerobatics.

Pre-registration remains open for a short while longer; if you’re thinking about coming to fly or volunteer, it’d help registrar and VCs if you’d let us know.

We hope to see you in Ephrata on June 17.

Ann Marie and Jim Ward, CDs
Apple Cup 2010
603-860-4456 (Jim cell)
206-579-6866 (Ann Marie cell)

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