Posted by: kapt | 2009/08/04

Adventure Day 3

Hey Ken!          

We departed St. Augustine this morning the moment the sun came up.  From there, we flew to Weedon Field (KEUF), which is just inside Alabama, a couple miles from the boarder with Georgia.  From Weedon we flew to Northern Alabama and stopped at Pryor Field. 

Pryor Field had a beautiful, new, modern terminal that was all but abandoned aside from the woman who was operating the unicom.  After we fueled we checked the weather as the day was starting to heat up and we wanted to find out when and where the thunderstorms would be showing up.  We decided to change our original plan and head farther West rather than North, which turned out to be a good choice.  The storms that showed up along our original planned route caused flash floods today in Kentucky!  We cut the corner through Arkansas and Missouri stopping first at Arkansas International, formerly Blytheville Air Force Base (KBYH).  After Arkansas we decided to end the day in Springfield, Missouri. 

IMG_2324Sorry I don’t have more pictures, my camera died as I was taking the pictures after we opened the hanger doors this morning.




GOEX is on the move. Click on the link to see where we are.

Just follow this link to see my location updates:

If the link doesn’t work, try copying and pasting it to your browser’s address bar.



p.s. To learn more about the SPOT satellite messenger, visit


I am playing with the Spot sharing feature. The guys are in tracking mode so we can see where they are.

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