Posted by: kapt | 2009/08/06

Adventure Day 4


The Extra in the hanger at the end of the day, with the Falcon on the left and the Hawker being brought back in for the evening.


The aerobatic Beech, complete with smoke system.


Jim’s Extra.  It’s 12 years old but in remarkably good shape.


Jim’s Stearman, with a beautiful paint job.


Fueling up at Pierre, Jim Peitz is standing beside the fuel truck.

Hi Ken,

Today we made our way up through Iowa and into South Dakota where we stopped at Pierre (KPIR) for lunch.  Here we met Jim Peitz, an airshow pilot who also flies an Extra 300L.  Jim’s been flying his Extra for about 12 years and we spent quite a while talking with him about the aircraft.  Jim also has an Aerobatic Beech Bonanza with a smoke system, and a 450hp Stearman.  Jim does 18 airshows a year, most of them with the Bonanza, because it’s such a unique aircraft to see putting on an airshow performance.  He was a really nice guy and gave us quite a number of tips on maintaining our Extra.

After Pierre, we crossed South Dakota into Wyoming and flew North of Yellowstone National Park into Montana.  We ended the day at Bozeman which has the nicest FBO we’ve come across so far.  The interior is all polished wood and stone, with a massive fireplace a moose head on the wall.  The staff were extremely friendly and we put the Extra in a hanger next to a Falcon and a BAE Hawker. Next we’re hoping to cross the mountains, and pass through Arlington on our way home.



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