Posted by: kapt | 2010/09/27

October Meeting

Hello Everyone:

         Our October meeting is going to be a pre-elections meeting.  It will be everyone’s chance to throw their name in the hat.  Positions up for grabs include President, where after serving for the last term, Peter is set to step down and move over to promoter of local aerobatics. Also available, the Vice President position, after serving as the interim VP for Brandon since June, I will try to retain the position. And lastly, the Treasurer job will be on the agenda (A special thank you to Don for all his work in this position over the last years).  We hope to have a strong showing at the meeting and have as many people as possible to run for positions.

The meeting will be same time same place as always.  And for those of you who don’t know – Delta Airpark round house, at 7pm on the 4th of October, that’s a Monday.  There will be coffee and treats at the meeting so don’t miss out. 

          Future dates to consider are the November meeting which will be the first of the month, again at Delta, and our Christmas Party is tentatively booked for the 11th of December.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Halloween!!

Neil Mitchell


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