Posted by: kapt | 2010/12/02

President’s Message

President’s Message

Hello Everybody

As the year is drawing to a rapid close, our year end function will be held at Adrian’s at Langley Airport on December 10, 2010.   We are looking forward to seeing all of you there and I encourage you to contact me at 604-617-3942 if you have not replied yet.  We do not have any specific topic of discussion planned, but we will, in general, discuss the 2011 formal aerobatic events.

At our last meeting a new management team was appointed and I wish to welcome Christian Baxter as Treasurer, Darren Kroeker as Secretary, all of whom are also directors in addition to Neil Mitchell, our Vice President, and myself.   In addition our Past President Peter Dreyer, past Treasurer and Secretary Donn Richardson and Andrew Adams were elected as Directors.   Thank you for your commitment.

In closing, I wish to mention I am extremely honoured to be your President for the next year.  At our last meeting I heard that there is lot of excitement about increasing our membership and securing aerobatic aircraft.  Accordingly I will make it my mission this year to expand the reach of the club, increase aerobatic flying opportunities for our members and arrange interesting topics for discussion at our meetings.   This can only be done with your involvement.  Please bring new ideas, let’s explore the unknown.   “Blue Skies” Leon

“To most pilots attitude is everything but to an aerobatic pilot, attitude is just a dimension” Leon Bresler 2010.


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