Posted by: kapt | 2011/02/06

President’s Message

President’s Message

The Aerobatic Club meeting held at Abbotsford on January 8, 2011 was well attended and 8 members had their aircraft at the meeting.   Aircraft included a Yak 55M, Christen Eagle, Chipmunk, Extra 300 L, two Super Decathlons, an Avia Akro and an Aeronca Champ 7 DC. After conclusion of the business conducted at the meeting those who flew in drew numbers and one by one they did their thing in the box.   The temperature was at zero Celsius and although great for aircraft performance, the temperature drove the spectators into the Red Baron.  All in all it was a great event, which our club should definitely repeat in the near future.

Some of the events for this coming year include the following:

  1. Northwest Council of Airshows Annual Convention February 25/26 in Richmond BC
  2. A Judges school March 12/13 at Boundary Bay’s New Terminal Building (more details to follow);
  3. Chapter 67’s 1st training camp during May 22-25 at Ephrata;
  4. Chapter 67’s 2ndt training camp during May 26-28 at Ephrata;
  5. Our club’s Apple Cup contest at Ephrata from June 23-25;
  6. July 6-10 Arlington Fly-in;
  7. The Cutbank  CANAM Contest during July 21/22 and the Rocky Mountain for August 19/20;
  8. August 12 thru 14 – Abbotsford International Airshow ;
  9. August 19 thru 20 – Rocky Mountain House Aerobatic Contest; and

10.  August 25 thru 27 – North American Team Aerobatic Championships @ Ephrata.

The BC Aerobatic Club has at our last meeting agreed to hold a fund raising event to upgrade the club’s website.   We will register this fundraising event as a Gaming Event with the Province’s Gaming and Enforcement Policy Branch.   The tickets will be $2.00 each and we hope to sell about 1500 tickets.  The first prize will be an aerobatic ride in Peter Dreyer’s Extra 300L and the second prize will an aerobatic ride in a Super Decathlon.

Lastly Ian Flannigan of Pacific Skydivers has agreed to talk to us at the February meeting about parachutes and the use thereof.

I hope that we will see you there.                 Leon


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