Posted by: kapt | 2011/03/04

March President comments

“the Prez sez:”

With the exception of one clear skies weekend, the recent cold weather, low ceilings and snow, aerobatic flying conditions have not been ideal in February.  Unfortunately most us were trapped outside our aircraft.  That means that administration has been getting more attention than what it deserves.  Now, there is a good reason to hope for better weather!

At our meeting in March we will discuss the following:

1.       The Judges school next weekend;

2.       Membership in Aerobatics Canada;

3.       Creating some type of association with the Abbotsford Flying Club;

4.       Distribution of our raffle tickets to our membership for sale to the public;

5.       Border crossing procedures into the US by aircraft; and

6.       If time allows, a discussion about SPOT.

We have had recent interaction with Aerobatics Canada and they would like to see more of our club’s members joining their organization and paying the $30.00 club membership dues.   It is my recommendation that all members who are going to compete this year join Aerobatics Canada.  You may ask what does that that do for me.   Well come to the meeting and we can discuss it.

Abbotsford Flying Club is looking to strengthen the ties with our club.  There are several options that can be discussed and I encourage you to give this some thought. The attractive aspect about these discussions are that there may be an opportunity for our club members to gain access to an affordable aerobatic aircraft.  Bring your thoughts either in favor or against this initiative and we will discuss it at the meeting.  Many members expressed a concern about losing the identity of BCAC, so give this some consideration as well.

In addition we have had a request from the flying club at Nanaimo that they are interested in our club/aerobatic flying and at our last meeting we discussed flying to Nanaimo sometime in March.  Let’s get the arrangements for that fly-out going as well.

Lastly,  I want to take the opportunity to congratulate Les Mitchell on the purchase of his new “non aerobatic” Helios Courier.  At least it is a tail-dragger!

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night.



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