Posted by: kapt | 2009/08/08

Adventure Day 5

Hi Ken,

From Bozeman, we only had two legs remaining to get home.  Crossing the mountains into Lewiston, Idaho was an interesting leg.  There was weather around, but on satellite and radar it looked like we’d pass just North of it, and fortunately we did.  This far North, there weren’t any valley routes through the hills, so we had to go over top, and we wound up at some pretty high altitudes.  We stopped in Lewiston for lunch and a weather briefing, then decided to go over the hills again rather than through the passes for our last leg.  We cleared Customs in Vancouver and ended the day back at Langley.
On the ramp in Bozeman, fueled up and ready to go.
Mt. Baker welcomes us home at the end of our second mountain crossing.
Clearing customs on the South apron in Vancouver.IMG_2472
Number 8 for departure, Vancouver to Langley… almost home!

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